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Who Are We

Our History

DuranBooks (or DuranBook as some people call it) initially started as a small social media website about Eight years ago in October 2011. Most people shared media files and books here and used the social aspects less and less (especially in the presence of websites like twitter, facebook & Instagram etc.


Later on we decided to branch out and offer cheap media products, esp books. We have built a nice database of some audiobooks, ebooks and textbooks (in PDF and ePub). More products are being added daily, and our prime mission is to serve young people and help them save money and make reading and education fun!

In Our Store

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him. – Maya Angelou


We have a lot of books in digital format. Most of our books are textbooks (or etextbooks) in PDF or ePub format. We also have test banks for some major textbooks that college students can get for $10 or less. Another category of cheap books we stock are audiobooks, both fiction and non-fiction.


Music – coming soon. Do tell us what kind of music will you prefer to be on our site 🙂


Another project is to add latest, high-quality streamable and downloadable movies on our site for easy and cheap (or free) access. This one might take a while.


Who doesn’t like games?!? Another of our project is to add computer games. Both browser based (Flash / HTML5) and downloadable games. Our main focus will be on educational items, however, we do plan to add entertainment based games as well.

Business Strategy

Our main target market is college and university students who can save money, and professionals who don’t have much time to search for good books and audiobooks. However, anyone is most welcome to visit our store and enjoy the free or cheap media for sale 🙂 Our main features are:

Cheapest eTextbooks for college/university
3 days money back guarantee.
Read your E-books on tablets or iPads without any restrictions.
Links via Google Drive to make it easy for you to save, view or download your products

Free Shipping Anywhere

Well, all the products on our store are digital, so the shipping is via email only 🙂 lols. hope you didn’t mind this little and fun marketing gimmick


From time to time, we share discount coupons to our email subscribers or on our social media. So make sure to subscribe and don’t forget to follow us on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc

Looking for something

If you are looking for something, and don’t find it on our shop, do please contact us via email (fastest) or sms and we’ll try our best to source it for you. We are excellent with books, test banks, movies, courses and games.

"Amazing book store. One of the best I've ever visited. It helped me save hundreds of $$$ by getting cheap textbooks for college. I even started learning cooking by getting a cheap version of Gordon Ramsay's cooking masterclass from here!"
Amna Rizvi
Technology Editor